The Psychology of Persuasion – Why People Act the Way They Do

A gatekeeper is typically a company receptionist, human resources assistant, or administrative assistant. A gatekeeper can even be a security guard. A gatekeeper is the person that answers phones for the recruiter, greets visitors, and sometimes schedules interviews.

Gatekeepers can determine which calls and visitors reach the hiring manager. In addition, they are the first line of contact when you come in for your interview. Many hiring managers will ask the gatekeeper for feedback on how you behaved while waiting for your interview. If you were impatient, rude, or unprofessional while waiting to be called in for your interview, chances are the recruiter will hear about it.

After you have applied for the position, stop by and introduce yourself to the gatekeeper. Although it is not necessary to wear a suit, you should be dressed professionally. It is amazing how many job seekers show up to companies in jeans and a t-shirt. You only get one chance at a first impression, don't blow it by being too casual.

Ask the gatekeeper how long they have been working at the company. Be courteous and genuinely interested, and if it feels comfortable, ask them if they enjoy their job.

Tell the gatekeeper why you are interested in the position, and if possible, tell them a little bit about yourself.

Ask the gatekeeper if you can leave a copy of your resume, as resumes from job boards typically have formatting issues.

Do not ask to speak to the recruiter. Recruiters typically schedule their day down to the last minute. Surprise visits can be awkward and are generally not welcome.

Before you leave, thank the gatekeeper for their time and repeat your name.

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So how can you utilize the subconscious factors that come into play when people are making decisions. These are some of the more common ones:
It may seem obvious, but people will more often say “yes” to someone they know and like, rather than to a complete stranger. Familiarity – through repeated, ongoing contact with someone – increases this, as long as the contact was positive rather than negative. Likeability includes physical appearance, which is why advertisers use beautiful models to sell products, rather than ordinary looking ones. Within your own industry, think of the people who have reached the top of their game, who are liked and respected and known for their ability to persuade other people. What is it about them that attracts other people? Being associated with these people, can have a “halo” effect on those around them.
one of the most powerful social “rules” is the reciprocity rule, whereby people feel compelled to repay a good turn to someone who has done a good turn for them. There was a an experiment once where sociologists sent out Christmas Cards to complete strangers to test how strongly they would feel obliged to reciprocate and over 95% of them sent cards back – even though the sender was a complete stranger to them. According to sociologists and anthropologists, this rule makes possible the development of continuing relationships and knowledge and resource sharing that is beneficial to society in general.
: Given few other clues, or limited time in which to make a judgement, the majority of people will react towards others by copying the behaviour of the people around them. If other people act well towards you, then it will encourage the same behaviour from others. An older, less attractive man may compensate for his “shortcomings” by acquiring a “trophy wife” which will increase the man’s perceived value when others see him with an attractive, younger woman.
Another example is when a long term unemployed person may negatively viewed by potential employers, even if they are highly skilled and experienced, as people will automatically attribute their lack of employment to some inherent character fault or weakness rather than because of an external situation. At the same time, someone who seems to be in high demand, a CEO of a major company for instance, may effortlessly attract better job offers and bigger pay packets, even if his/her performance is actually rather lacklustre. “Success attracts success” so the saying goes, and when people
successful, then other people subconsciously look for other positive factors to explain that person’s success, and overlook their faults.
People are more likely to believe, follow the recommendations or directions of someone they believe is an expert in some way, even if their expertise is in a completely different area to the one that requires a decision. Having a Dr in front of your name, or a PhD after it will also increase your perceived authority, even if is not relevant. Another way of demonstrating authority, is by the outward symbols of it, even if they are not backed up by anything; status symbols in the form of titles, clothes, cars, houses (even post codes) are part of this.
This rule relies heavily on the social pressure which pushes people to reciprocate favours. By asking for an extreme request that you know will be rejected, you can then follow up with a lesser request – the one that you wanted all along – which will be more likely to be accepted.
: When a commitment is made by someone in a way which involves the person actively, voluntarily and publicly, it increases the likelihood that the person will follow up on that commitment. This is largely what weddings are about. Why are they so elaborate and public? Why are the vows exchanged in front of family, friends and witnesses? Why does society require a marriage certificate or contract which is signed by both parties in a public setting?
The public and ritualized way in which people get married increases the likelihood that the promises will be kept, because the internal and external pressures will require the married couple to live up to what they promised in public.
Equally, during other sorts of negotiations, it’s important to get small commitments agreed and written down, even if they are small steps along the way to the much bigger commitment that you are aiming for.

This can be summarized as “Scarcity breeds Desire”. (see also under “Social Validation Rule”). People tend to assign more value to things when they are perceived to be less available. The use of this principle for profit can be seen in the “limited offer” and “ends today” tactics. On a personal level, by having a unique or uncommon skill or expertise (a “USP”) that makes you something of a rarity, you can create a demand for your product or services, that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Never put your mobile ‘phone number on your business card – this makes it just that little bit harder to contact you and it also suggests that you have so many contacts, you need to restrict your availability to them all.
: People use reverse psychology to “trick” people into choosing the opposite of what they really want, by playing on the instinctive human reaction against being told what to do. A real life example of this was used in promoting the classic Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody” which lasts 5 minutes and 55 seconds when played in its entirety. At the time of its release in 1975, most record companies felt that it was far too long to play on the radio, but Freddie Mercury gave a personal copy to his good friend, DJ Kenny Everett with specific instructions NOT to play it, knowing full well that Everett wouldn’t be able to resist, which proved to be the case. If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia, you’ll know that deliberately focusing on trying to fall asleep, will have the opposite effect and make the problem far worse.

a theme is a verbal picture which communicates ideas far beyond the basic meaning of the words. If you are invited to a party with a theme – say, a murder mystery them or an Italian them, you will already broadly know, without being told, what to wear, what you will do at the party, the type of music, the type of food and so on. The theme has already given you a “word picture” which conveys a lot of information. Having a “microbrand” which moves around with you will instantly convey “Brand You”.
It’s easy to assume that a sentence like “I can’t promise you that result.” has only one meaning, but in reality, emphasis and tone provide much of the actual meaning. To test this, look at the each of the sentences below, each with a different word emphasized, and followed by the implied meaning.
can’t promise you that result. (But maybe
2. I
promise you that result. (There’s
that is possible.)
3. I can’t
you that result. (But you
get it anyway.)
4. I can’t promise
that result. (But I can promise it to
5. I can’t promise you
result. (But I can promise you
good result.)
6. I can’t promise you that
. (But I can promise you
The meaning of what we say is determined by which words we emphasize, and which words to underplay and if you can’t promise someone that price, you can tell him “I can’t promise you that RESULT,” and the hearer may still feel good about the situation, especially if you immediately follow with something else that you can promise.

Top 3 Internet Jobs Available For Moms

1. You don't enjoy it.

This is the most obvious reason to get out of the hole you've dug yourself into. There is no rule that says we are made to suffer. Nothing is more punishing and less rewarding than spending that majority of every day of your life doing something you don't love. The quickest way to free yourself is to just walk away and start fresh, your way.

2. You don't have time for family.

Many of us want to be able to spend more time with our loved ones, but our work keeps us from them. Society has been trained to believe that separation is the natural order of things, but if we just take a moment to think about it we realize that what is natural is caring for your children, being there for your loved ones, helping those we care about and experiencing life with them. Human beings are pack animals, social creatures. Life is meant to be lived with our families and friends, not locked away in a cubicle staring at a computer screen.

3. You feel unfulfilled.

Do you feel that what you do makes a difference or enhances the lives of yourself and others? If not, how can you feel fulfilled? Fulfillment is not to be mistaken with achievement. Making money is fantastic and receiving praise for writing a stellar report is wonderful but unless you are free to challenge yourself, explore your passions and grow in a way that satisfies your innermost desires, you will never feel truly fulfilled.

4. It's not in line with your values.

Morality is a relative term. Many of us are unhappy with our jobs and careers because they quite simply do not fall in line with our personal moral obligations. Personally, I left a promising career in the oil & gas industry because I felt that what I saw was wrong and some of the activities I participated in were questionable. If you feel that what you are doing is having a negative impact on other individuals or the environment, if the culture you find yourself is one that makes you feel bad about your work, it is time to move on.

5. You are underpaid.

Money isn't everything, but I know from experience that the corporate world sees things differently. As an employee, you are meant to provide the highest productivity and value to your employer while operating as a minimal expense. All that means is you are not going to be compensated according to your worth until you go into business for yourself. Even then, the income you generate will be directly proportional to the value you provide to your market. What is fantastic about being your own boss is the freedom to pursue a business doing what you love, and when you love your work, the value you provide will be priceless.

6. You have a bigger purpose.

Each of us has lived a unique life and a unique set of experiences. Each of us has their own perspective and philosophy. Human beings are one race, made differently so that we might know one another and learn from one another. It is our purpose to share our uniqueness to enrich the lives of others, and to be enriched by those we encounter. If your job is not allowing that to happen, then it is not worthy of you.

7. Life seems mundane.

It's a mystery to me that so many of us live life just getting by. Human evolutionary history is one of exploration, wonder, creativity and discovery. Therefore, it is goes against our very exist to be mundane, bored, unchallenged and unfulfilled. If you feel you have a greater purpose in life than working from 9 to 5, sitting in traffic, watching tv and eating junk food it's because you do! We all do! Now get out there and start living your life the way nature intended.

8. You have unrealized dreams.

Travel, wealth, relationships, hobbies, crafts, performing arts. Our list of dreams and goals is as long as it is variable. Maybe you want to be a rock star but you're stuck working as a bank teller, maybe you want to start a family but you can't seem to maintain a partner because your law firm has you working 90 hours a week, or perhaps your passion is traveling the world and writing about the different cultures and traditions you interact with. In any case, if you can't stop thinking about it, you were meant to attain it.

19. Your bosses are narcissistic.

This is a no-brainer. Life is too short to deal with anyone who does not treat us with the level of respect we give them. If you have a superior who is always riding you, makes snide comments, admonishes you in public or private, or is just a nasty personality in general, get out of there now.

10. You dislike your customers/clients.

See above. Again, life is too short to deal with people you dislike. No one says you have to.

11. Stress from work carries over into your personal life.

If work is hard on you to the point that it's affecting your life at home, your relationships, or your health and well-being then that is the last thing you need to be doing. The different aspects of your life are meant to flow seamlessly with each other, not to clash with one another. Work-related stress that carries over into your private life and negatively influences you is a major sign that you are out of flow.

12. Sundays are filled with anxiety and restlessness.

Dreading going back to work. Such anxiety occurs most often on Sunday's but generally does not exclude weekdays. If you feel like Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation, but instead it's a reminder of the start to another miserable week. Quit now and abandon those Sunday blues.

13. Getting out of bed is a chore.

If you have to fight to wake up and get out of bed in the morning, you are not living out your purpose. I have had known many people who thought they were just "not a morning person", but began waking up well before their alarm clocks went off when they started working towards their dreams. When you are pursuing personal fulfillment the hard work and trials you face are just as exciting as the rewards.

14. You are capable of doing better.

When you are an employee you are generally limited to responsibility for a single task or a series of related tasks. Feeling dumbed-down and underappreciated is one of the most prevalent causes of depression. It also has a way of depleting people of their charisma, drive and enthusiasm. Don't ever allow anyone to dumb you down. Take a stand and put your life back in your hands.

15. You can't come up with a valid reason not to (paychecks don't count).

Money is no reason to stay miserable. Chances are if you wrote down a list of all of the terrible things that can result from quitting your job, you would terrify yourself. So why don't you go ahead and do that as an exercise. Fold a piece of paper in half down the middle. On one side write down your worst case scenario. On the other side write down how you can mitigate those problems should they actually happen. See! Not so bad after all because there is always a solution. Now, write down on a separate piece of paper all of the possibilities you would find by quitting, your best case scenario, and ask yourself if that is not worth chasing.

There are many things to consider when seeking an internet occupation. Here is a list of the top 3 internet jobs for moms compiled from the deepest depths of the internet. These are the most popular internet jobs that have more people raving about them than any other jobs.
Simple Data Entry is very popular these days on the internet, since it requires no previous experience and very little knowledge. Although, since it requires so little, the pay is measly at best. Expect to make anywhere from 7 – 9$ an hour with this tedious online job. Low consistent pay, but you can work from your own schedule, which makes it a very popular job for moms.
Article marketing has recently stormed the internet with thousands of moms blogging and article writing for commission. It’s pretty simple really, you write about products that you enjoy and leave an affiliate link. If the person reading the article clicks that link and purchases something, you receive a fat commission. The articles you write continue to generate income long after you turn off the computer. In fact, I have heard story’s of moms who have written articles years ago that still bring them fat pay checks in at the end of every month.
Filling out surveys is by far the most common internet job used by moms. It’s very easy to do, pays very well, and has virtually no work schedule. Survey filling requires 0 investment in money, and any time you invest will show immediate payment. You don’t need to spend hours learning how it works or spend hundreds in learning a “system”, you simply make an account with a survey service and start earning. This and many other reasons makes this the #1 most popular internet job for moms.
All 3 of these jobs have there benefits and there disadvantages. If you’re looking for more than just a couple thousand a month, invest your time researching article marketing. If you’re satisfied with just a couple thousand a month of extra income, survey filling is for you.

Non-Traditional Occupations For Women – Opportunities and Employment

Jobs are the fuel that keeps society going. Job is the one thing that everyone wants to have to earn their living with all the skills one has. We all know that the world was hit by recession. But the bad time is over now. There are many job openings in every sector and in every field. Most of the people face difficulties in finding a job. The truth is that most of the job openings are not widely advertised. But now internet has changed the scenario, finding a good job is not a problem.

If you are looking for a new job, an online job search may be one of your best tools for finding a new position. Online Jobs are basically the jobs that can be done via the internet or via the World Wide Web. The Internet is an endless resource of information and data, which you would need for everyday living. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people, who are making good money on the Internet today.

Today, there are a good number of sites on the web that provide good opportunities to earn. These sites provide complete details about different types of jobs. So, you can directly access them. There are many types of jobs available on the internet according to your comforts. There are full time jobs and part time jobs are also available as well. Those who can't afford to go out for a job they can simply earn their livings by working from home as there are many job opening firms which provide the opportunity to work from home. So you can choose the job depending on the kind of work you prefer.

The best thing about online job sites is that they are so easy to use, and can be quite effective as tools for accessing a large number of employment opportunities. There are many sites available online from where you can search for multiple job opportunities. You can also search jobs by state and city, and view everything that is posted. The sites with a large quantity of jobs usually have a feature to filter jobs based upon your interest. Many of these websites are paid. You are also available with many free online websites. These websites also update you with the latest job openings and news related to various jobs. So, all you need to do is a quick search and in no time plenty of job opportunities will be available to you.

Do you remember this brainteaser?
A man and his son were in a car accident. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. The surgeon said “I can’t operate, that’s my son!” How is this possible?
I remember being stumped by this when I was a kid – when today the answer is immediately obvious – the surgeon is the boy’s mother! However, although we are now used to seeing women in medical school and serving as physicians, surgery is still a male dominated field. The American Board of Surgery reported in 2004 that women surgeons constituted only about 12% of the general surgery workforce.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a non-traditional occupation for women is one in which less than 25% of employed persons in that field is a woman. Thus surgery (although not medicine) is considered a non-traditional occupation for women.
A few other examples of non-traditional employment include engineers, detectives, architects, chefs, machinists, truck drivers, pilots, corporate CEOs, construction occupations, dentists, electricians, plumbers, physicists, auto technicians, computer programmers and computer systems administrators.
As the need for highly skilled people in both white collar and blue collar occupations increases, it becomes increasingly important to draw employees from the female gender, considering that women constitute half the population.
Trends also reflect this importance, as the growth of women into the workforce has exceeded that of men over the last 30 years. According to an article written by Mark Mather for Population Reference Bureau, from 1970 to 1990, the percentage of all women in the labor force increased 17% (from 43% to 60%), while the percentage of all men in the labor force decreased about 6% (from 80% to 74%). These percentages have stayed roughly the same since 1990.
We must create opportunities, and find ways to attract women to non-traditional fields, in order to tap into the great contributions that they can make. For example, 82-year old New Jerseyan Erna Hoover was recently inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for work she pioneered in the seventies for Bell Labs. Her 1971 patent for a computerized telephone switching system (one of the first patents ever issued for software) revolutionized telephone communication, and the principles behind her ideas are still used today. She completed some of her work while recuperating from the birth of her second child! As a result of her work she became the first female supervisor of a technical department at Bell Labs.
Do you know a woman who has a non-traditional career or occupation? (She doesn’t have to hold a patent!) If so, I’d love to speak to her for a series of articles and book that I am writing about women working in non-traditional fields. Please call or email me so that we can begin the discussion.
Koval Associates LLC

Legitimate Online Jobs

For many job seekers, searching for a job can be a long and time consuming task. You are constantly studying job advertisements, writing and sending resumes, and networking. It may seem like you have too much to do and very little time to do it. One way to make your search easier is acquiring the services of a job recruiter.

It will help you manage your time, focus on suitable jobs, and improve results. The right recruiter will have a great deal of knowledge about the industry in which you want to work and the employers. They will have industry contacts and know about job openings that may not be posted publicly. Sending your resume to a recruiter is good step to obtaining a job

What does a Job Recruiter do?

Recruiters work for employers or employment departments within a business or corporation. An employer will pay job recruiters a fee to find the best employee for their company. A recruiter does not work for you, but will match your qualifications with the type of employee an employer is seeking.

Types of Recruiters

Retained Recruiters: The recruiter has a contract with a company to fill a specific job opening. Retained recruiters tend to work with high level positions. They will advertise the position and find the most qualified person for the job. Their advertisement will contain all the essential information and requirements for the position. The recruiter will receive a retainer in the form of a fee for their service.

Contingency Recruiter: The contingency recruiter will only receive a fee if they make a job placement. The recruiter does not maintain a relationship with an employer. There may be several contingency firms competing to fill a particular position. Contingency recruiters generally work with mid-level management and professional positions.

The Advantages of Using a Recruiter

No Cost: Most employers pay the recruiter once the employee completes a probationary period. The job seeker does not pay the job recruiter.

Employer Contacts: A quality recruiter will have relationships with a number of companies. The recruiter will have unique insight into what employers value in their employees. The recruiter will have a relationship with placed job seekers so they will learn what is like working for a particular company.

Jobs Not Advertised: Because so many resumes pour in when a job is posted publicly, many employers will go directly to a recruiter to post a job instead of posting it publicly.

Specialty Recruiters: Many recruiters specialize in a certain career area. It is important to ask a recruiter about their specialty before sending your resume.

The following outlines a number tips that may be helpful when searching for a job recruiter:

- Recruiters prefer working with people who have a specific career objective.

- A willingness to relocate will attract more recruiters.

- Talk with people who have experience working with a particular recruiter. You will learn if the recruiter is dedicated to filling job positions.

- Be wary of a recruiter that approaches job seekers. Normally job seekers approach recruiters.

- Make sure you tell themyour salary history. This will let them know the appropriate salary range for your desired job.

- Always be courteous. Always return their calls as soon as possible because it shows them you are very interested in finding a job

Whether the economy is good or bad, finding a job can be difficult. Competition for jobs is steadily increasing. Using a job recruiter will improve your chances of securing your desired job.

It is therefore better to be on the safe side of the law. When searching for an employment company it is advisable to opt for the ones recommended by the state media. The legitimate job may be an ordinary part time one that dispenses with previous experience or it may be home business thrills. The correct website will bring you in touch with listings that are scam free great opportunities.
Browse through regular postings. The job might be about receiving and sending calls. Web sites dealing in legitimate online jobs will give you lists of jobs that have been previously screened and are scam-free. There are many sites that make tall claims but make sure that the address on which you knock has a good past record of about a decade free from any complaints.
Going against the law, even unknowingly, gives a very uncomfortable feeling. This sort of headache will hamper progress of your work. You might suddenly be scammed. So go only for legitimate online jobs. The gains and profits are the same with the added advantage of being on the right side of the authorities.
There are various types of home-based jobs on the sites dealing with legitimate online jobs. There may be as many as a thousand prescreened home jobs to pick from. A big financial corporate body took the help of one of these sites to recruit the best in the job of customer service. In fact they would be the vital point of contact with important cardholders enquiring about their own personal account.
Online jobs are just what today’s generation is looking for – bringing about a marriage between earning money and not neglecting the home. The world has become more smart and comfortable freeing one from the eternal rat race. Chat rooms, white boards, and the culture of e-mail and shared browsing can actually make it possible for you to earn money. Such jobs might land you up with the online tutor. College students will just jump for such an opportunity. There is great demand for advanced mathematics and science tutors. The whole idea is fun mixed with pay and flexible hours.
Legitimate online jobs may be all about phone jobs – jobs that you do at home. In this zone, experience is not a must. All that is required is the computer, the Internet connection and of course the telephone. Legitimate online jobs may initially be your teacher and show you the ins and outs of starting a home business centre. A few hours of patient understanding and who knows – you may be earning as much as $60,000 per annum!

Free Paid Survey Sites – No Credit Card Or Paypal Needed

Are you looking for a job in the petroleum industry? It may be difficult to find the right job right away. The oil companies you contacted may take forever to reply or you just do not know where to start. Well, here is a quick look at making the most of jobs in oil and gas.

The petroleum industry is humming with activity and skilled workers are in demand. Even new people are welcome to start a career in oil production. You may find it is much easier to get an offshore oil job if you have previous oil rig experience. You might be able to get work as a roustabout, mechanic or welder if you are willing to start at the bottom.

The petroleum industry is usually divided into three parts or sectors. The upstream sector includes oil exploration, drilling and extraction. The midstream sector includes the transportation of crude oil to refineries as well as the refining process. The downstream sector includes marketing and selling oil products to customers around the world. Typical workers needed may include geophysicists, drilling engineers, pipeline walkers, chemical engineers and production engineers.

If you are serious about getting a job in the petroleum industry, you should enlist the help of a job placement company. They will provide you with all the services you need in order to make the most of jobs in the oil and natural gas industry. These placement companies have helped many people from all walks of life to find good jobs in the petroleum sector. This is often the fastest way to find oil jobs. They will also help you to avoid making costly mistakes when searching and applying for oil industry jobs.

The global demand for oil is still rising while the remaining oil fields of the world are becoming harder to find and more expensive to put into production. Now is the time to make the most of jobs in oil and gas.

You don’t need a credit card of a Paypal account to make money with free paid survey sites. While both of them work to your benefit to stack even more cash, they are never necessary to do most surveys. With that said, most people seem to be having a pretty hard time finding the truly great websites to take surveys at. Here are tips to find the free paid survey sites were you don’t need a credit card or Paypal account.
The first thing I want to tell you has to do with making money on the various free paid survey sites out there. When you are ready to “cash out”, you can instantly get your money via a Paypal payment if you want. It’s highly recommends and it doesn’t; cost you a dime to start an account.
Secondly, I want to go over the fact that most people are spending way too much of their time at the wrong free paid survey sites. Most men and women will use a search engine and pick out a couple of websites they find on the first two pages of results. While you case surely find a diamond in the rough like this, most of the time you will not. This is the exact reason most people stop taking surveys in the first place. They end up at low end websites and aren’t making any real money whether they have a Paypal account or not.
Well, what if there was a good way to find out “exactly” which free paid survey sites other people are making good money at? Wouldn’t that make more sense? It sure would and you can find all of this knowledge inside of various internet forums. If you don’t have a Paypal account, don’t worry, because 99% of the free paid survey sites will still send a check to your door.
Forums are great because you can use their “search” function to pull up all of the past topics dealing with taking surveys. It is inside of these topics where you can read about where tons of other men and women are making good money doing surveys. You can come away with five or six great free paid survey sites in a matter of minutes if you want.
Whether you want a Paypal payment, or don’t even have an account or a credit card, free paid survey sites are truly worth your time.

Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons

A restrictive covenant is a term placed into your contract of employment to prevent you from taking certain action when you leave your current role.  They are put into employment contracts to protect the employer and not the employee?

There are several different types of restrictive covenants including the following:-

1. Non-competition covenants (these restrictive covenants are inserted to prevent you from working in the same area as your employer after you leave.  They can be for a certain period of time and within a certain specified geographical area).

2. Non-solicitation (these covenants will stop you from taking clients of your current employer).

3. Non-poaching (this covenant is inserted to stop you returning to your old employer and taking staff with you to your new role).

4. Restrictions on use of confidential information (these covenants will stop you from sharing confidential information which you obtained whilst you were working for your employer).

A restrictive covenant can have a dramatic affect on your ability to obtain employment after you leave your current role.  Therefore it is essential that you realise how serious restrictive covenants are before you sign a contract of employment.

If a covenant is reasonable and necessary to protect the business interests of your employer then they can be enforceable.  However, if your employer attempts to make the covenant too broad by making it for too long a period of time or covering too large a geographic area this may prevent it from being enforceable.

Another factor to take into account when considering whether a restrictive covenant is enforceable is the position of employment of the employee; for instance, a managing director or a chairman of a company will have more severe restrictive covenants than a secretary or receptionist for example.

Restrictive covenants can also be rendered unenforceable if the employer fails to follow the disciplinary or grievance procedure laid down in the employment contract.  This action alone can render a restrictive covenant unenforceable.

Restrictive covenants can have a severe impact on the ability to obtain employment after you leave your current role.  You should seek expert and specialist employment advice from an employment solicitor before signing a contract that contains restrictive covenants.

If you own a computer or piece of electronic equipment, chances are you may one day have to make a call to a tech support or customer service department. And if the product in need of repair happens to be manufactured by one of the many companies that bases its IT or customer service support center in another country, your experience with the representative with whom you spoke likely plays a large part in your general opinion of the outsourcing debate.
Outsourcing, also called “offshoring” when referring to overseas workforces, is commonly referred to as the practice of transferring jobs to other countries in an effort to reduce company labor costs. As more people lose their jobs to outsourcing or become increasingly frustrated by having to overcome language barriers to communicate with service employees, the outsourcing trend is failing to meet with general approval in the United States. Reactions to a 2004 poll in King County, WA concerning the economical impact of outsourcing varied, but many respondents felt that long-term outsourcing will generally harm the American economy and workforce.
“…As a consumer, I feel cheated that a company wants my money but doesn’t want to pay my neighbor $7 or $8 bucks an hour to take my calls,” one respondent wrote. “‘Globalization’ is an international term for ‘feeling free to get away with cheap labor.'”
Regardless of public opinion, however, the outsourcing of IT jobs, nay, jobs in general, does not seem to be going the way of the dodo just yet. The CIO 2006 Global Outsourcing Guide, released in July, cites the 2005 Duke University CIBER/Archstone Consulting study, saying that 73% of Fortune 2000 companies cite offshoring as an important part of their overall growth strategy. India is the number one destination for U.S. company outsourcing, and many companies name China as a front runner for future outsourcing possibilities, along with several Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Mexico.
As with most large-scale corporate practices, outsourcing has its benefits and its downfalls. Though outsourcing obviously has positive impacts to the economy and citizens of the countries to which the jobs go, it hs left many Americans disgruntled, jobless, and distrustful of corporations that practice it. A variety of arguments can be made for and against outsourcing :
The technique is a money-saver for the corporations who employ it. Specifically, from a business perspective, outsourcing can potentially:
Although the benefits to the companies seem to outweigh the benefits to the American people, low labor costs will likely continue to be the driving factor behind offshoring, and current trends do not show a decrease in the practice. To ensure long-term financial success, companies must properly serve their customers, regardless of whether or not this entails outsourcing work. By focusing on striking a balance between saving money and providing the customer with quality products and services, a company has a better chance of sticking around in the market to serve the same loyal customers in the future.

How to Make Serious Money With a Part Time Work at Home Job

If you are like the rest of us, you have been hearing a lot about online jobs recently. They are on the news, the radio, and everywhere you turn online. If you have never thought about joining the ranks of home based workers, maybe you should consider it. You'll save gas money, as there is no commute to and from work. You can also spend more time with your family. Online jobs give you more opportunity to have a flexible schedule and do more things that you want to do.

Another reason that online jobs are great is because there really is a great variety out there, fitting every person and every single talent. Do you like to write? Why not freelance articles? There are hundreds of thousands of websites who need informative and up to date content, and are willing to pay you well for doing it for them. Are you opinionated? Then online surveys may be a great fit for you. Companies need product reviews and opinions from consumers in order to plan what products will sell, and how to market them. These are just a few jobs that you may be interested in.

So if you have decided that home based work is for you, it is a good idea to browse the internet and companies a while before deciding on one. That way, it will be much easier for you to be sure the company you are working for will be a good fit, and be able to bring you the best income.

Times are tough right now and you, like almost everyone else, would like to have some extra money coming in to help out with the bills. You’ve got a full time job or maybe you’re a stay at home Mum and you would really like to find a part time work at home job that could help out even temporarily.
You’ve seen all the scams about stuffing envelopes or assembling products or doing billing for overseas companies and you know they’re just so much rot. You’ve searched the ‘help wanted’ ads and there are part time jobs but nothing that lets you work from home. So short of starting a home based business is there any way to make part time work at home a reality?
Well the answer is yes there is. Actually there are thousands of people doing it today and making as much, or as little as they need. It’s called freelancing, outsourcing or contracting. It’s not about work at home scams it is all about buying services from you that are very real.
Large and small businesses both have been outsourcing work for years and now with advances in technology it has become even more common. As this contracting business grew, websites stated to appear will the sole purpose of putting buyers and providers together. One of the best known freelance sites is which typically has over 30,000 contract jobs posted each month.
Initially these outsourced jobs were mostly technical in nature like programmers and database managers. That’s all changed. Today there is even a job category of Administrative Support and includes jobs for virtual assistants, researchers, transcriptionists, data entry, event planners and on and on. Pay in this category is typically hourly or flat rate for a specific project. This is a great place to explore for a part time work at home jobs.
If you don’t want to have to make the commitment in time and deadlines that most outsourced jobs require, you can look at other sites that will let you work as much or as little as you like. Quite frankly these sites offer pretty much brainless work and don’t pay very well but you can pick up a few extra dollars each month. Amazon owns one called that has a wide variety of jobs that call for repetitive tasks and is a good place to try if you don’t have much time to spare.
There is of course the option of creating your own part time work at home opportunity. You can start your own internet marketing business but understand you really have to be careful with who you affiliate with or it could cost you a substantial amount of money. There are highly reputable programs that will help you get started and teach you how to market and these can turn out to be much more lucrative than any other part time job you’ll ever find.
Part time work at home jobs are out there, you just have to do a little hunting.

The Best Internet Jobs to Do Online For a Residual Income

Written in a breezy and humorous style, Job Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your First Job Out of School by Matt M. Gordon is a manual meant to guide the newly graduated toward the first rung on their personal ladders of success. The focus of the book is far reaching, orienting on long term career goals. There are also the usual sections found in a job hunting guide, such as chapters on resumes and interviews. Therefore this book is a useful resource for all job seekers, with special emphasis for those just starting in the workforce after college.

Matt Gordon tells his readers to think of him as a professor. In turn, he offers to mentor them in the 6 main objectives of his job hunting course:

1) Defining job criteria- Analyze and identify your current needs and long term goals

2) Writing impressive resumes and cover letters- Learn what to include and what to avoid

3) Generating interviews- There are more ways to get interviews than just perusing the classifieds. Be creative and take the initiative to seek out opportunities

4) Preparing for interviews- Research is the key to a great interview

5) Winning the interview game- Tips to put your best self forward and stand above the crowd

6) Handling job offers- Weigh the aspects of each job offer to choose the one that will best meet your current needs and long term goals identified in phase 1.

Each of those 6 phases is a crucial point of career planning, and these are only some of the explanations, anecdotes and examples Matt Gordon uses to help light the way. The helpful tips do not stop there. Chapter 7 advises you on what to do after you have chosen and landed your first job.

All in all, Matt M. Gordon has written an excellent guide that no job seeker should be without-whether you are changing careers or heading into the workforce for the first time.

There are millions of jobs to do online for a residual income. As a good writer, I have made a lot of money doing some menial job for others online and getting paid every week. If you do not want the hassles associated with affiliate marketing, referral programs, pay per clicks, survey taking, investing, then, I have got a wonderful income opportunity. Even though you are a stay at home Mum like my mother, you can make at least $400 monthly doing internet jobs.
Internet Jobs are jobs that internet marketers outsource so that they can have enough time to create more products and do other research. There is also a way to profit from outsourcing jobs which I will reveal maybe on my next submission.
Firstly, I want to show you where to get jobs before I will now tell you the best jobs that pays in no time if you begin today. To get an outsourced job, visit:
1. This website is just as good as your next meal. This is where those who have a job to give meet those who want to do the job. For instance, if I need to get about 20 original articles which I want to submit to ezine, I could decide to outsource it to a professional writer and then pay him or her when the job is done. At elance, you have got to make the right choice because new jobs are been posted everyday.
2. For software and website designers, this website is all you need. When you join, you will receive an instant access to the marketplace where you can bid on jobs and post jobs too.
3. This outsourcing job is also nice. It consists of writing jobs, software designs, website development, script licensing and the likes.
4. This website is solely for graphic designs and logo creation. If you like creating and designing, then join this website today and find out how to make at least $200 everyday.
The best Jobs you can do online for a residual Income
5. Article Writing and Editing. On the above outsourcing sites, you could get a job to write fresh articles ranging from $4 – $10 for 300 words article. Let’s assume you will be paid $5 for one article and you write 5 articles today, automatically, you have made $25. Repeat this everyday for the next 30 days and see how much your salary is.
6. Website Design / Development. If you are good in web technology, then you can get a single job at any of the above outsourcing site for $4,000. If you remain loyal to your virtual and invisible employer, he can retain you for even greater jobs.
As you tour those job sites, be rest assured that there are millions of dollars sailing on every page. Do yourself a favor by bidding on them. This is a sure way to make a residual income online every day, week and month. To your success, see you at the top!

SharePoint Skills Profile

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It's hard enough to find jobs for teens under 18, which is why something so easy shouldn't be passed up.

Many organisations roll-out SharePoint without considering the resources needed to own and manage SharePoint, especially the human resources. The initial focus is often placed on the technical side of the development and the initial go-live, ongoing management of the site is given little thought. One area that is often given the least resources to is training, which is more often than not a mistake. Without adequate training for all users concerned the SharePoint deployment will fail.
This document seeks to detail the five skilled separate concerns needed to manage and leverage SharePoint and the training required for each.
Although this article details these concerns separately this doesn’t mean that they cannot be performed by the same person. The only caveat to that is that the main SharePoint owner should
be in IT – this is explained in a separate document that is available titled
It should also be noted that the specifications of concern is not absolute, and as every organization is different so are the responsibilities allocated to a skill. These responsibilities should be tuned to suit the internal layout of your organization and the skills you have in-house. This document will guide you through identifying the skilled areas and should help you to choose the moat appropriate member of staff to fulfil each role.
Once SharePoint has been deployed in your organization there are several skills needed to maintain the system and to develop it in line with your corporate strategy. These skills are best viewed as separate concerns, and if possible best serviced by different people. Obviously this is not always the case, but by analysing the skills matrix as if it were separate people it is much easier to understand.
There are four main players in the world of SharePoint – SharePoint System Administrator, Super User, SharePoint Designer and Web Developer. These terms will be referred to continually throughout this document.
We have chosen to omit the fifth player from this diagram -the End User. End Users contribute to SharePoint but are not required for developing the system; we will discuss End Users at the end of this document.
Perhaps one of the most misunderstood skills in SharePoint is that of the System Administrator. Many people confuse the System Administrator with a concept referred to as a SharePoint Administrator (we refer to this role as the Super User). Instead of explaining the differences between the two roles I’ll explain the function of the SharePoint System Administrator in detail in this section and the Super User in detail further on in this document.
The SharePoint System Administrator is concerned primarily with the back-end functions of SharePoint focusing on how it integrates with other server applications.

Anybody carrying out this function should have a minimum of two years working as a system administrator on Windows Server, SQL, and Exchange. They should be fully conversant with Domain Name Systems (DNS) and Active Directory.
As a bolt-on to existing skills as listed above the System Administrator would benefit from a 5 day SharePoint Administrators course. Make sure this is a System Administrator course not a SharePoint Administrator course!
It is anticipated that once the SharePoint system is in and robust the additional burden on the administrator will be an additional 1% of their existing workload.
This individual has the most important function within SharePoint, they are responsible for configuring SharePoint to match 70% of the organizations bespoke needs. This is the role that is sometimes referred to as SharePoint Administrator, as they administer the SharePoint front-end environment. Once the System Administrator has installed SharePoint and confirmed that it has been robustly installed the Super User takes over.
This role is non-technical (meaning no knowledge of code, or computer systems is required) and we strongly recommended that this role is given to someone outside of IT. This is because the focus of this role should be on the I (information) and not on the T (technology). In our experience a member of the IT team will focus on the technology because this is what they know. This role is suited to a Business Analyst, as they have the skills to analyse problems and find solutions most suited to the current organizational strategy. The Super User uses the out-of-the-box SharePoint features available to meet the requirements of the business. They will focus on using the Site Actions button to deliver the needs of the business.

This individual must be a good communicator at all levels and have excellent presentation skills. They need to be able to understand the business and analyse business problems. The Super User must have a solid understanding of how SharePoint can be configured out-of-the -box. The Super User must have excellent business analyst skills and needs to be able to map business problems onto SharePoint functionality.
This user will need 5 days Super User training course and a 3 day End User training course. This will give them a full understanding of the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint.
The Super User can expect to have 100% of their time dedicated to working with SharePoint sites. There time will be split between developing new uses of SharePoint and monitoring and maintain existing SharePoint sites.
A further 20% of the organizations bespoke needs can be customized by the SharePoint Designer. The customisations performed by this individual are changes that cannot be done through the SharePoint user interface i.e. the site actions button. Once the Super User has exhausted all possibilities through the site actions button the SharePoint Designer comes in.
The three main areas SharePoint designer is used for is branding, creating workflows and connecting to external data sources. This document will split the SharePoint Designer skill set into these three different work streams, to clarify the different skills needed for each. This does not mean that three different people have to commit to each area in fact one person could manage all three strands.
This person will be responsible for managing the look and feel of the SharePoint site, this will involve creating page layouts, making changes to the master pages, and responsibility for the aesthetics of the site. This person should have knowledge of accessibility standards when designing to ensure the design is as inclusive as possible as well as being pleasing to the eye.

The person performing this function needs to have a thorough understanding of the web and preferably come from a web design background. Knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML is very desirable. As mentioned above knowledge of accessibility standards is also desirable.
This user will need a 5 day SharePoint Designer course, preferably aimed at web and graphic designers.
The SharePoint Designer usually has a 100% time allocation at the beginning of a deployment and thereafter a reducing amount of commitment. The work load typically consists of smaller projects delegated to them by the strategy team.
Workflow is an important part of any SharePoint deployment, SharePoint designer has extremely powerful capabilities for developing bespoke workflow. The person responsible for this will work with the Super User to examine business processes and translate them into SharePoint designer workflows.

This person needs to have a broad understanding of current business processes and analytical skills. Experience of previous work in business processing mapping is desirable.
This person will need a 5 day SharePoint Designer course.
The SharePoint Designer usually has a 100% time allocation at the beginning of a deployment and thereafter a reducing amount of commitment. The work load typically consists of smaller projects delegated to them by the strategy team.
Businesses will have information and data stored in multiple storage sites across multiple locations. One good point about SharePoint is that you can access information held in other locations through SharePoint. SharePoint designer can be used to create access to this information so it can be used again and again.
Creating data access modules. Ensuring data protection laws are upheld.
The person in this role will need to have an understanding of data and a technology named ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Previous experience of writing databases is an advantage. Knowledge of the Data Protection Act is also desirable.
This person will need a 5 day SharePoint designer course.
The SharePoint Designer usually has a 100% time allocation at the beginning of a deployment and thereafter a reducing amount of commitment. The work load typically consists of smaller projects delegated to them by the strategy team.
The remaining 10% of an organization’s bespoke SharePoint needs can be achieved by calling on the services of a Web (.NET) Developer. This person should be a last resort when it comes to SharePoint development, SharePoint works best when the out-of-the-box features are leveraged fully.
This individual will be able to carry out deep customization and provides the ability to achieve very tight integration between SharePoint and legacy systems. Custom web parts and complicated workflow processes can be designed b a Web (.NET) Developer. A Web Developer would only be called when both the Super User and the SharePoint Designer have exhausted all other options.

The Web (.NET) Developer will need to have a minimum of 3 years.NET development experience. They must have experience of developing for the browser and have been working with ASP.NET 2 for at least 12 months.
Their core skills will need to be:

This user will need a 5 day SharePoint Developer course.
The Web Developers work load will be very dependent upon the needs of the business and specifically the level of integrating with legacy systems.
Once again, in the initially stages of deployment the Web Developer will be heavily utilized and after a period will have less demands made on their time. Web Developers will be called on an ad-hoc basis to complete project
Last but not least, the End User will also need some SharePoint skills. Although the skills required are minimal, End Users will still require training to build their confidence and acceptance of the site. When End Users are given proper training and told explicitly what is expected of them when using the site the more likely it is to be a success. The general rule for training End User with SharePoint is to focus on small skills based learning packages and make sure users are comfortable with them. It is always best to train in fewer areas well than cover lots of topics without users really understanding.

End Users do not need any specific skills and providing that they have had some exposure to the internet they will be capable of working with SharePoint.
The training provision is mainly to build confidence initially and acceptance of the site.
End Users require a 1 day session as close to go-live as is possible. This session should focus on the tasks they are going to complete on a day to day basis.
The End User can expect to interact with the SharePoint site 100% of the time on an ongoing basis. This of course will very much depend on the tasks required to be performed by the End User can the function of the site. End Users make up the majority of SharePoint users.

Online Paid Surveys – Scam Surveys Vs Legitimate Surveys

Early in our careers we were taught that a resume should be one page only - and at the beginning of a career that is an appropriate length. However, once you have some experience to display, the standard length of a resume is two pages.

There are a number of good reasons - other than that it is the expected length - including not overwhelming the potential reader. A longer resume is rarely read, it just seems like too much to plow through, particularly since there are lots of resumes to plow through.

The short length also forces you to be more direct and not put in fluff. Briefly stated accomplishments come across as a report of facts. A long story sounds more like bragging, and you know what your Mother said about that. One of the best ways to accomplish that brevity is through the use of sentence fragments instead of complete sentences.

So, how do you condense a whole career into two pages? Here are some tips.

(1) Starting at the top, split the header information. If you put your name (in bold) and your physical address on the left and the phone number(s) and email on the right, it will take three lines instead of six.

(2) Put the contact information on the second page in a header. That information, by the way should be your name, your email or phone and "Page 2".

(3) Put less than a full double space between bullets. In Word you do that by clicking on "format" in the toolbar, then selecting "paragraph" from the drop down menu and clicking the up arrow once beside the box for "spacing before".

(4) Only include relevant information. In other words, be selective based on who you are going to show the resume to. If you are going to give your resume to a hiring manager for one of the major political parties and you are active in local politics, your political activities should be on your resume, otherwise not. What you include will almost always be determined by the position your are interested in or the interests of your interviewer.

(5) Don't include "References available upon request". Everybody knows they are available and it just wastes valuable real estate.

Most people are making use of the internet for several purposes such as performing an online job. One online job that almost everyone is aware of is a paid survey job. Also, I believe all of us are aware that not all sites that offer paid survey jobs are legitimate. Some entice potential survey takers to provide them their credit card info so that they can get hold of a list of genuine paid surveys. In addition, these survey sites impose excessive membership charges but provide an obsolete list in return. Surely, making money would not be possible for you even if you deal with them for a hundred of years.
These scam sites are really a disgrace to the paid survey industry. Not only did they hurt many people, they also gave the industry as a whole a bad reputation. It’s really sad that because of the reputation left by these scam sites, some people hesitate to join paid surveys while some people don’t believe that they can really make money at home.
A lot of people have already encountered scam surveys and I am one of them. I did lose some money twice but I thought I should trust paid surveys one last time. I did some extensive research and I was able to find sites that are legitimate. Now, I fully trust paid surveys once again.
My living room is much useful now than it was before. This is so because I am earning about $3,500 per month while sitting comfortably in my living room. In addition, I don’t also miss any episode of my favorite TV series. As compared to other jobs, I never get stressed nor depressed on my online job. There’s no other person that is earning through my efforts but me.
There’s no one that tells me what to do and when to do it. I do what I believe is right and I work whenever I want to. I never missed the opportunity of sharing my opinions because I believe that there are companies that trust what I say. Other than the money that I receive, paid survey jobs are really enjoyable and satisfying.